Belchick provides a vast range of chicken products which are categorised in three major groups.

    • Raw chicken Products 
    • Ready2cook Marinated Products
    • Ready2eat Products 

 Raw Chicken

chicken with skinUnder raw chicken products, Belchik provides one of the most fresh and tender chicken in the market. We supply fresh chilled chicken to the hotels in Belgaum and Kolhapur, 5 star hotels in Goa and Pune. We presently have 10 outlets in Belgaum. These outlets are maintained in a clean and healthy atmosphere wherein even women and kids can have a pleasant buying experience of fresh chilled chicken in Belchick.

Ready2cook Marinated Products

Belchick’s ready2cook menu has three dishes as of now which has the most tastee and healthy chicken at service. Now you have more time to enjoy with family and friends.tandoori chicken tikka

    • Tandoori Tikka
    • Chicken Lollipop
    • Chilli Chicken

Ready2eat Products

Apart from the raw and ready2cook products, Belchick also provides ready2eat products in our fast food corner which has already won many fans in town. We take special care to cook these delicious food and make sure you come back for more.

  • Tandoori Tikka
  • Achari Tikka
  • Chicken Lollipop
  • Chicken Chilli
  • Tangdi Kabab
  • Tangdi Shahane Punjab
  • Chicken Biryani

“The best part is, it is reasonably priced for our customers”